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South Surrey Weather

South Surrey Current Weather

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South Surrey Weather Overview

South Surrey’s weather is influenced greatly by it’s proximity to the ocean as well as the Fraser Valley (visit our Surrey Weather Page for weather information for the rest of Surrey). With ocean to the south and west, and the Fraser valley to the east, South Surrey’s weather is changeable. As a result, temperatures and weather conditions between South Surrey communities vary greatly, often over short distances. This is especially noticeable during summer heat waves and winter cold snaps.
In general South Surrey receives more sunshine than other metro Vancouver communities, with the exception of South Delta. Sunshine is greatest in the southern and western sections (Crescent Beach/Ocean Park). This is because South Surrey is further away from the North Shore mountains then most other Metro Vancouver communities.
South Surrey receives less rainfall than North Surrey, Langley, Burnaby and Coquitlam. Rainfall amounts are similar to the western sections of Vancouver and Richmond, and less than downtown Vancouver. Rainfall is highest in the northern and eastern sections and lowest in the southern and western sections.
South Surrey has highly variable snowfall, which is highest in the elevated areas of Grandview Heights, Morgan Crossing and Sunnyside, and lowest in the southwestern sections along the coast (around 16th Ave and 128th Street). In fact, Environment Canada’s weather station located near 164th Street and 24th Ave (operational between 1960 and 1990) recorded 50% more snowfall than their White Rock weather station near 160th and 8th Ave!
Summer Temperatures
Summer temperatures in South Surrey are highly variable. Summer maximum temperatures are lowest in the southern and western sections close to the water and highest in the northern and eastern sections away from the ocean. There are often large temperature differences between communities. For example, during a heatwave it’s not uncommon to see maximum temperatures in the mid 20s at Crescent Beach (similar to White Rock or the westside of Vancouver) and the lower to mid 30s in the eastern sections of Grandview Heights or Hazelmere (similar to North Surrey or Langley). A change in wind direction from an onshore (cool) flow from the ocean to an offshore (warm) flow from the Fraser Valley, or vice versa, can cause large temperature swings.
Winter Temperatures
Winter temperatures are also highly variable and tend to be the lowest in the elevated eastern sections of Grandview Heights, and highest in the lower, southwestern sections of Ocean Park and Crescent Beach. Overall, South Surrey sees slightly higher winter maximum temperatures than most of Metro Vancouver, although it is often colder than areas to the west when arctic air from the Fraser Valley makes way to the coast.

South Surrey Average Temperatures

Max: 7°C

Min: 0°C to 2°C

Max: 22°C to 24°C

Min: 12°C to 14°C

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