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Delta Weather

Delta Current Weather

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Delta Weather Overview

Located in the southwestern portion of Metro Vancouver, the weather between Delta’s 3 communities, Ladner, Tsawwassen and North Delta, can vary significantly. While North Delta’s weather often more closely resembles that of Surrey, Tsawwassen’s weather is often drastically different, with milder winters, cooler summers, more sunshine and less precipitation. In addition, Delta is home to Burns Bog, the largest undeveloped urban land mass on the west coast of the Americas, which often has cooler nighttime temperatures than the rest of Delta.
Ladner, and especially Tsawwassen, receive more sunshine than other Metro Vancouver communities. In fact, Tsawwassen receives more sunshine than any other Metro Vancouver community due to its location away from the North Shore mountains. North Delta receives less sunshine than Ladner and Tsawwassen, but more than many communities north of the Fraser River, such as Burnaby and Coquitlam.
Tsawwassen is also the driest community in Metro Vancouver, again due to its location away from the North Shore Mountains. Ladner’s rainfall is similar to that of southern areas of Richmond, such as Steveston, and North Delta’s comparable to the western portions of Surrey. All Delta communities receive less rainfall than most areas north of the Fraser River.
Snowfall in Delta is highly variable, and tends to be light in both Tsawwassen and Ladner, due to their low elevations and proximity to the ocean. Snowfall is North Delta is higher, and is highly dependant on elevation.
Summer Temperatures
Delta’s summer weather is also highly variable, with cooler maximum temperatures in communities closer to the ocean, namely Ladner and Tsawwassen. North Delta sees warmer maximum temperatures, but overall Delta has relatively cool summers by Metro Vancouver standards.
Winter Temperatures
Tsawwassen has some of the mildest winters in Metro Vancouver. Overnight minimums tend to be cooler in both Ladner and North Delta. Given it’s low-lying position, and absence of development, winter minimums in Burns Bog are among the lowest in Metro Vancouver. Winter maximums tend to be the lowest in North Delta and highest is Tsawwassen.

Delta Average Temperatures

Max: 6°C to 7°C

Min: 0°C (Burns Bog) to 3°C (Tsawwassen)

Max: 21°C (Beaches) to 24°C

Min: 10°C (Burns Bog) to 14°C (Tsawwassen)

Delta Weather Links

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Environment Canada Forecast for the SW Lower Mainland (This is the forecast for the entire southeast Lower Mainland, including Richmond and Delta. It’s general, and computer generated, but gives a good overview of the general forecast for Delta.)
Metro Vancouver Weather Alerts (Weather warnings for Metro Vancouver from Environment Canada.)
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