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Richmond Weather

Richmond Current Weather

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Richmond Weather Overview

Since Richmond is flat, elevation does not play a role in its weather the same way it does in most other Metro Vancouver communities. However, proximity to the ocean and mountains can have a large impact on Richmond’s weather, especially on summer high temperatures.
Just like other Metro Vancouver communities, sunshine in Richmond decreases from south to north, and from west to east. As a result, Steveston receives more sunshine than other areas of Richmond.
Rainfall in Richmond is light by Metro Vancouver standards due to its low elevation and western position in the metro. Rainfall is highest in the northern and eastern areas, and lowest in the south and west.
Being located at sea level in the western portion of Metro Vancouver, Richmond generally has light snowfall, and receives less snow than almost all other Metro Vancouver communities. Snowfall is relatively uniform throughout Richmond, although areas right along the water tend to receive slightly less snow than areas further inland.
Summer Temperatures
Summer temperatures in Richmond are relatively cool by Metro Vancouver standards, except in eastern sections away from the water. A typical westerly flow acts as a natural air conditioner for Richmond residents.
Winter Temperatures
Due to its low elevation and proximity to the ocean, Richmond has relatively mild winters. Temperatures in the more rural eastern sections tend to be slightly cooler at night then built-up areas close to the water.

Richmond Average Temperatures

Max: 7°C

Min: 2°C, except 1°C in eastern sections

Max: 21°C to 23°C, except 24°C in eastern sections

Min: 12°C to 13°C

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